Sunday, December 12, 2010

Music Monday: Tighten Up

Good morning my readers!

Today we have a submission from Jake, the badass bartender (and my little brother).

The two of us have holed up together, waiting for The Parentals' to arrive home for the holidays (I know, my family is a tad backwards - believe it or not, it is our detention that keeps us groovy).

So far we have not been successful in our wait. It seems the Parentals' have gotten themselves stuck in Pittsburgh, apparently due to the snow (I blame a reluctance to leave sun, sand and lots of rum).

I will give them a stern talking to tomorrow, provided they actually show up.

In the meantime, Jake has suggested a fab song to start your week. This is the official music video.

So, my crazed compadres, please have a listen to "Tighten Up" by The Black Keys.

I think I'd go for the geek in the glasses. I like the way he winks. Do you have a favourite?

The original music video was a low budget clip starring a puppet dinosaur, Frank, and a plant, name unknown. Apparently they had the dino dance and mime some words.

It doesn't sound like the dino did much, but I know the feeling.

Have a wonderful week!

Waiting on the weather,



  1. Sounds awesome, can't wait to watch the video, from the looks of it I like the glasses guy too ;)