Monday, October 24, 2011

Music Monday: It's A Wicked World

Good morning boys and girls!

After a long hiatus I've finally got a musical Monday morning for you.

This week I am featuring the enchanting Laura Jansen!

She's a serious femme fatale who seems to be newish to the scene. I only just heard of Ms. Jansen the other night, when she performed live on Craig Ferguson (my favourite late night comedy king).

Her single completely caught me off guard - I really liked it! This lovely lady writes about her life (most recently a breakup) and according to her website, today's catchy track "urges listeners to uncurl from the fetal position, grab some friends, and go have fun." Further, Jansen describes, " 'That song is about how it's time to go out and meet some men. It's time to do some drinking, because being depressed is getting old."

Now, I haven't suffered a nasty breakup, but that doesn't mean I don't sink with sadness.

It's Monday. Even worse, it's Monday morning.

Unless you salivate at the sour, you, too, could use a little bit more fun. I know I could.

Check out her cheeky video, I'm almost positive it'll make you smile:

Did you smile? Honestly? I cracked a full grin once Hansel and Gretel hit the screen.

Personally, I love a good rule breaker, a cliche kicker, or just a good old play on life.

Laura Jansen, your jolly little tune brightened my day. Thanks for the solid song.

Finding fun with fairy tales,