Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Update: Moving Onward or Upward

"What's up with you lately?"

An innocent but loaded question as of late.

What am I doing right now? Watching the Vancouver-San Jose game.

What am I doing this week? Painting some walls. For the first time. Yep, you got it, this girl is getting her newly painted nails a little bit dirty. Well, hopefully not that dirty - white isn't my colour (and I don't think polish remover does much with paint).

What am I doing this month? Moving. A month ago, the Newf lost his job. A week later The Parentals advised they were looking to rent out their basement apartment. We made the executive decision to jump on the opportunity. Between our general dislike for the city of Toronto, and the ease of my transferring to a school in London it seemed like an obvious choice.

This move has been a humbling process, and I don't quite know how I feel about it yet. To secure my mind in the positive, I've decided to make a list of my pros and cons:

First, the pros:

1.) We will likely save a pretty penny on rent. Once the Parentals advise of the rental fee, I can confirm this, but it almost guaranteed the rent will be less than the cost of our studio apartment in the Toronto Beaches.

2.) I get to paint. Something about playing with colour gets me a little hot and bothered.

3.) Our place is a separate apartment, so theoretically the loss of privacy will be minimal.

4.) My younger brother, Jake, lives upstairs. At five years my junior he makes me feel young again.

5.) We really, really like the city of London. The tiny village I grew up in is a mere thirty minutes away, so I know what I'm getting myself into.

6.) It has a classy address. Sorry kids, I can't post it here, but I can assure you that I'm not living on a street that makes you do a double take. Nope, no Piccadilly Street for me; and yes, that superficial fact matters to me.

7.) I can (theoretically) transfer with ease to a photography program here in London. Once I get in, I will have 24/7 access to a full photography studio.

8.) My new apartment is complete with a wet bar. It has a beautiful polished wood bar that makes my liver tingle with excitement (my liver has always erred on the side of danger).

With this extensive list, let's look at the cons:

1.) We have to move. All of that cleaning, packing and unpacking is so much work. Once you include the address changes to that equation my eye starts to twitch.

2.) While it is a separate apartment with tons of potential, it is in the Parentals' basement. At twenty six (almost twenty seven) it is a humbling process. Not to mention a younger sister who is looking for apartments double my rent, and a little green monster is making a certain appearance.

3.) Despite the separate space, I am sharing the overall home with family. My family is cool, but they are still my family. Point made.

4.) My dog has suddenly turned into our dog. It isn't a matter that people are trying to lay claim to my furry friend, but more a fact that my family of dog lovers all have a different way of doing things. In my house, my dog is not allowed to sleep on the bed or sit on the couch. He is not fed from the table, even if he is really working the "I'm-sad-and-hungy" look. I keep tight restraints on his amount and type of exercise. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees and my carefully laid consistency has gone out the window. But, when your dog tops the scale at 140 pounds, can easily set his head on the table and has heartbreakingly bad elbow dysplasia we can talk. I'm going to have to let go a little bit, and I hate that.

5.) With its close proximity to my hometown, it is almost guaranteed that I will run into someone I know. Odds are, it will be a day I have not showered and am covered in paint.

6.) I have never painted. This could be a disaster.

7.) With my newfound geographical closeness to my immediate family I must begin to assert myself a little bit more. With anyone else a quick passive aggressive response would do, but I'm stuck with these people for life. The process is sure to ruffle some feathers, on both sides of the fence.

8.) It will be much more difficult to feign ignorance to all the nasty little tidbits of information I have on my siblings. Being the oldest of three, I tend to hear about everything the siblings do not have the guts to voice to the Parentals. Sometimes it is very rewarding. Right now it frustrating. Something about being expected to provide sympathy for a sibling who has provided the unabridged story six months ago is a little bit trying. I need to learn to walk away. I hate that too.

At first glance it may seem that this list is pretty even keeled. I may be crying over spilt milk. But, that is all resolved with the last listed pro. My new place has a wet bar. I have a pile of liquor and a hot husband. I have a brother who encourages intoxication.

Things will work themselves out. I can't say the same for the painting.

What are you working through right now?

Humbly at home,



  1. I'm really excited for you! I'm not sure if we're going to be able to make the move we want to, it's so expensive! Good luck with the fresh start. x

  2. Ah the wet bar makes everything better!! As for painting, it is A LOT more work than you would expect. Our current apartment was the first place I have ever painted and I was surprised by the amount of work that went into it. The actual painting is easy, but it's the damn taping process that is a PAIN IN THE ASS!! Here's what I learned doing this: 1) be patient! 2) use a shit ton of plastic to cover the floor (and yes, that is in metric units) 3) if you can get your hands on one, use a "3-in-1 Caulk tool" - it helped greatly during the taping process and prevented any bleeding from happening behind the tape

    As for the rest of the con list, they are valid concerns, but I think that with time the Pros will outweigh them. Family is family and we are stuck with them, but I think setting limits will help you keep your sanity. When is the official move date? Do you have a relaxed period that you can pack/paint/prepare? I hope so! Best of luck with this phase!

  3. Thank you ladies! :)

    It is VERY expensive to move right now - especially with gas so high. I really hope you get to go Zoe!

    Hastaclaridad, I have been procrastinating on the painting part, because I fear the amount of work it will be. Thanks for the tips, I'll be on the hunt for a "3-in-1" for myself!

  4. I have to admire you for making the move back home. I'm not sure that I could do it at this point in time! I'm sure that in the end, it will be so worth it.
    As for painting, we did it when we moved into our current place. It was a nightmare because Stephen and I were both trying to paint while working opposite work schedules. We'd both work long days (or late nights), then come home and try to paint. Oh, add to that the stress of unpacking a house and getting it ready within less than two weeks for a housewarming party and you've got a recipe for disaster. Be sure to take your time so you don't end up stressed like we did!

  5. Ohhhhh man, I remember that fiasco!

    You were a crazy woman, squishing all of that into two weeks!!

    Things are a bit easier this move, because we have our place in Toronto until we make the final move here to London. In other words, I get to paint an empty apartment, which is always easier.

    Annnd, to answer an earlier question, we don't have a firm move in date yet. We are doing it bit by bit, and will eventually rent something to bring the big furniture (like my yellow leather sectional) down.

  6. Does it help to know that I live in a separate apartment within my mom's house? It's actually our house; we got it after my dad died because we wanted to help one another out. It's worked out pretty darn awesome, actually. It's all about making healthy boundaries to protect privacy & keep relationships going from "Love you guys!" to "I WANT TO EAT YOUR BRAINS!".
    A lot of adult children have to do the move back home as to save $$ for the next phase of life. It's actually more common than not. I think there's a stigma attached to it that needs to go away.
    Also, I hear you on the green-eyed-monster in regards to sister stuff. :)
    xo Caren

  7. Oh my, that is perhaps the coolest thing I've heard! It is devastatingly sad that more families do not stick close together when need be. Kudos to you ladies.

    My paternal side actually has a long history of living together - as odd as that might be. Siblings, sprog and progenitor, you name it. It works out well for all because both young and old have extra support. It is just natural for us, for some reason.

    But, we've always been a little "quirky".