Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here I Am (The Public Health Threat)


Friends, I am slightly bitter over here in Linnie Land.

It all started last week, on Wednesday: while standing in line at the grocery store I sneezed. I wish I could say it was a cute little girl sneeze - one of the barely there blow outs, but no, it was not.

As I've mentioned before, the Powers that Be have decided my motto is "go big or go home". My sneezes are no exception, to be completely honest, I sneeze like a horse. Big and beautiful. I do, of course, ensure that my nose and mouth are pointed in such a direction as to limit the contact of my sneeze by-product with the rest of the public.

Unfortunately, none of this seemed to matter. In one quick swoop I had been push to the bottom of the public pool, I was infected. All conversations halted and I was cut out and ignored.

I was the new leper on the block, and baby, I rocked it.

Regardless, I went home furious that the public fear of disease has grown so great. I laughed at the hens behind me clucking about their insatiable need for anti-bacterial cleansers, gels and sprays.

I satisfied myself with their ignorance (all those anti-bacterial products do nothing but clean the weakest of germs, leaving the big bad ones to infect you) and my newly purchased chocolate ice cream.

A week later, I am sick. My face is leaking, I am freezing cold and my skin hurts. I have enough mucus to feed a small army (if armies ate mucus).

To you ladies in the grocery store: touche.

You have won the battle, but I will win the war.

What is your view on anti-bacterial? Are you pro Purell?

Fighting the (ferocious) flu,



  1. Ahh yes and no. When I worked in the funeral home, I would wash my hands to the point where my skin was dehyrdated! But all for good reason!

    I try to wash my hands everytime I touch something that I think may be dirty, but there were and are countless times when I've come in from cleaning the barn or petting the horses/dogs and grab a sandwich haha.

  2. HA! Sometimes sandwiches are more important....

    I wash my hands a lot, but I avoid anti-bacterial like the plague. Regular soap for me!

  3. Purell is crap. We need out bodies to fight off germs of all types. By disinfecting everything we actually put ourselves at greater risk. So I say regular soap and bring on the rest. Sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you get some rest (and plenty of fluids!!) and get to feeling better.

  4. I agree, whole heartedly!

    It wasn't until I came to the city that I really noticed how much of this "anti-bacterial" stuff is around. Where I'm from, eating dirt is a past time. =]

  5. Haha I totally agree. Country living is so different that way. There are several social faux pas I picked up there that I just cannot do in the city haha (like peeing outside).


    Peeing outside is a luxury to some - a luxury I've been known to partake in.