Monday, March 21, 2011

Music Monday: Missing the Maxi

Today's song is hailing from the nineties. It isn't big, or popular, nor was it ever.

It is just a really cool song. It's a track every woman should have lying in wait on her MP3 player for that elusive trip to the grocery store.

It also features Shaggy (before he was somebody). Essentially, if Mick Jagger died, Shaggy would take his place.

He's just that good.

Look no further, your perfect pick me up is here. For your pleasure, the official video for "That Girl", sung by Maxi Priest (featuring Shaggy):

Interesting fact: Maxi Priest's birth name was Max Alfred Elliot.

Even more interesting fact: Shaggy's birth name was Orville Richard Burrell.

I promise you'll get more about sexy Shaggy another week, but until then, bring on the popcorn!

Shopping with Shaggy,



  1. Oh I love 90s music! Thnx for the post ;)

  2. I'm a massive 90's fan too. I'm a grunge girl at heart. =]

  3. I used to LOVE this song. Any I still love Shaggy (I don't care who judges me for it!). That reminds of this time I caught my parents dancing in the kitchen to "it wasn't me". So strange but such a funny memory.