Monday, March 14, 2011

Music Monday: I'm Going Mad

Gooooooooooood MORNING.

The Newf and I got to share a little sleep in this morning, so we are right as rain and ready for the week to come.

It's about time I got back on this music horse, so I have an interesting comparison for you. Today's song is one that you have likely heard more than once. It's a song that sticks with you - both its lyrics and its harmony are erie and wonderful, all at the same time.

I find this is a song that everyone has an opinion about. Most people feel it paints a depressing picture, but is that what it was meant to be?

Here is what the writer, Roland Orzabal, had to say about his incredibly popular song: "Lyrically the song is pretty loose. It throws together a lot of different images to paint a picture without saying anything specific about the world."

Curt Smith, the original singer of the song (and a bassist, I *love* bassists) said, "It's very much a voyeur's song. It's looking out at a mad world from the eyes of a teenager."

First, let's take a look at the original band, sound and video of the song. Please, saddle up for a listen to Tears for Fears and their international hit "Mad World.

That probably wasn't what you were expecting, was it? You gotta give the guys credit, they certainly know what it meant to be part of the eighties.

Here is the more often thought of version of "Mad World", a cover by Gary Jules which was done for the freaky flick Donnie Darko:

I tend to be biased for originals, but I think the context of the song is lost in the cover versions. Do you prefer the original version or one of the many covers? Does the slow speed change the song for you, at all?

I'm excited to hear your opinion!

Mad for Monday,



  1. I think with this song, the original wins hands down. Jules' version irritates me for some reason. Seems too wishy-washy. That being said, it's my husbands favorite cover AND he loves to play on the piano. But I really enjoy the syncopation in the chorus of the Tears for Fears version. But that's just me ;) HAPPY MONDAY!

  2. It seems you and I are in the minority!

    What can I say, great minds think alike. Oh, and a piano-playing husband is ALWAYS a good thing! =]

  3. I am a Tears for Fears fan so I have to go with the original on this one ;) But I always enjoy a good cover song ;)