Monday, July 25, 2011

Music Monday: You Know Amy's Good

It is a sad day that a girl riddled with as much talent as Amy Winehouse dies, only to be remember as an addict.

Everyone of us will die. Some of us will be junkies, but only a special few can sing like Winehouse could.

Let's remember the talent, not the shortcomings. Because let's face it people, we all have our faults and our addictions (I'm partial to milk chocolate).

Here is one of my favourites, You Know I'm No Good, by Ms. Amy Winehouse:

Do you lament the loss? Do you believe in the Forever 27 Curse? Did you know the club of chance existed?

Tell me why (and remember, karma is a bitch)!

Singing (Amy's) Swan Song,


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  1. Okay, so this was technically posted Sunday night. Sue me.

    Please don't (sue me, that is).