Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Music Monday: You're Unbelievable

Today's track is for my peeps. They are 100% unbelievable. Grooooooooaaaaaan!

Granted, today's song may have used before is known for its profanity. Before I explain, take a quick little listen to EMF's Unbelievable:

The video is less than thrilling, I know. But, did you hear that? Take a closer listen to the chorus - there is a background vocal that can be vaguely heard saying, "What the fuck was that?"

Now typically, this would require strict editing before any type of radio play proceeded. However, these lyrics were never edited (probably because they were considered incoherent background vocals). Now you know better, you are armed for pissing off only the most prominent prudes with your newfound musical knowledge.

Considering the sheer amount of air time Unbelievable has received since its release, and the amount of times the f-bomb is dropped in this specific song, this track is likely responsible for the most profanity ever heard over radio.

Not enough? You want more?

Well, know that according to the song on the B-side of the Unbelievable single was a song called "EMF" (a self-titled track). This song included the chorus: "E! Ecstasy! M! Motherfucker, motherfucker! F! From us to you…"

What would their mother think? I can tell you, mine would not be impressed.

Now that I've mentioned my Mother, here's a fun fact about me: when I was in university I rarely studied in the library. When I did I would do the natural thing - scope out a chair close to a cute boy. I'd set up my song, wait to catch his eye and then I'd push play.

Who needs poetry when you've got a ready-to-go, an "unbelievable" if you will, catchline?

To try my little trick, know that my sweet spot is right around 1:17. A note to catch his attention, and wham bam thank you ma'am!

Starting to get saucy,



  1. Oh please, please tell me you actually did that in the library! I love the mental image of you setting it up... and then when he looks at you... BAM! YOU'RE UNBELIEVABLE! Heheh. Love it!

  2. OF COURSE I actually did it!

    I always wondered if I was that weirdo in the library. Either way, I had fun! :)