Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's a Gaggle....Of Geese

I know that it isn't Wednesday, but I'm feeling a little dangerous and wanted to break back into this blogging with something a little droll.

The Newf snapped and sent me this picture on his way home from work. We were still in Toronto at the time.

Newf's Gaggle of Geese

Something about this straggling gaggle just seemed fitting. They look like my kind of geese - the feisty, flapped, Canadian kind.

Giggling at the gaggle,


*Note: Let it be known you should not approach Canadian geese - they can get a little nasty. When I get a goose (and I will get a goose) it will be of the white garden variety. I will feed it toast from the window and give it a good Dutch name. I promise.


  1. When you get a goose, can I come visit and feed it toast as well? It just sounds so perfect.

  2. Of course you can! I've actually already done it - the feeding toast to a goose called Heitz bit! It is as much fun as it sounds!