Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Best Day of the Year: It Isn't Christmas

Friends, it is a glorious day. One to be remembered and noted in history books.

Today is the first regular season hockey game. Be still my beating heart.

I am a hockey fan. A hardcore hockey fan. I may not know all the rules or the players' statistics but I can jump and yell with the best of them. I wear my team's colours with pride and a piece of me dies with the end of the playoff season.

But now, today, that piece has had new life breathed back into it. As I write this the arena is rearing to go. GO LEAFS GO!

Do you watch hockey? What colour is your blood?

Bleeding blue and white,



  1. GO SENS GO!!!

    Carry on as I unsubscribe from the pathetic make me laughs fan blog. OK not really unsubscribing. But still....

    GO SENS GO!!!

  2. Hahahahaha, so the rival has started.

    We're gonna rock you, girl! =]

  3. A piece of you dies with the playoff season? Why? Your team has been golfing for months by then.

    Funny thing I am no longer a hockey fan. Haven't seen a game in 3 years or so. Yet I will still cheer for my Sens and laugh at all you toronto fans.

    That's it. Next vlog is dedicated to you.

  4. Hockey is hockey; when the playoff season is over so is all the HOCKEY!

    See, I would get all upset with your ribbing but you're cheering for the CHOKE CHAMPIONS.

    Can't wait for the vlog. =]

  5. Let me share with you some stats I found regarding playoffs.

    Season 05-06 Did Not Qualify
    Season 06-07 Did Not Qualify
    Season 07-08 Did Not Qualify
    Season 08-09 Did Not Qualify (81 Points)
    Season 09-10 Did Not Qualify

    Season 05-06 Lost in Conference Semi-final, 1–4
    Season 06-07 Lost in Final, 1–4
    Season 07-08 Lost in Conference Quarter-final, 0–4
    Season 08-09 Did Not Qualify (83 Points)
    Season 09-10 Lost in Conference Quarter-final, 2–4

    At least we make it. Sure we choke (ugh) but we got the chance to screw up. Though I guess one could say the Leafs don't let themselves qualify so that they don't have the embarrassment of choking.

  6. Well, aren't you thorough!

    I wouldn't as far as to say the Leafs do it on purpose buuuuuuut I did win a bundle on the Sens' loss.

    Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.