Monday, October 4, 2010

Music Monday: Let's Rock that Lobster!

Good morning my lovelies!

How was your weekend?

My weekend was spent watching rowing races and drinking in my university parking lot. It was Homecoming weekend after all, and Trent University knows how to celebrate in style.

Trent does not have a football team, so instead they throw a big bash meant to raise funds for our first class rowing team. The incredibly buff boys and girls wandering around in spandex certainly helps the cause. Anyways, the parking lot next to the water is cordoned off and the beer starts to flow at noon. The Newf, the Beast and I all met friends for an afternoon filled with too much beer and long lost laughs.

It is the largest one day rowing event in North America.

Officially named, Head of the Trent (heh, you dirty minds) the student friendly acronym is HOTT. Over at Trent, a notoriously green school, we all work hard for our HOTT status.

As a shout-out to my long-term buddies I have a song so good we named our soccer team after it.

To begin your week, enjoy a dance around the room to The B52's "Rock Lobster":

While the song includes a lot of fictional animals (dog-fish, anyone?) a rock lobster is an actual creature (also known as spiny lobsters or langoustine).

This spiny creature is actually worlds apart from "true" lobsters. These water-logged, musical wonders aren't even closely related to the lobsters that so often end up on our plates. Rock lobsters have very long, thick and spiny antennae and lack any sort of claws (although the female rock variety have a small set of claws on their fifth pair of legs, go girls go).

True lobsters (think Sebastian in "The Little Mermaid") have smaller antennae and claws on the first three sets of legs, the first pair of claws being really BIG.

That's enough for the biology lesson today, folks. It should be a fantastic week but only time will tell.


Loving the langoustine,


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  1. Okay, so the darling Newf just pointed out that Sebastian was a CRAB.

    I failed that Disney test.

    Big points to the first person who can name a famous lobster!