Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boy Howdy: A Happy Creature

There has been enough of drab and dreary material lately, so today I have a complete smile creator.

It is no secret that the Newf and I have no children. It isn't that we don'twant any, it just hasn't felt right yet. That doesn't mean I don't fawn over adorable babies like any other clock-ticking clod.

In my Facebook stalking I found something that my friend created. With no other little ones in the extended family I have found my resident baby, if you will (I think everyone should have at least one). This little guy always puts a smile on my face:


I could eat him whole, just like he's killing these blueberries. They didn't have a hope.


My lady friend has told me that Mr. Emerson is a very happy baby. He eats just about anything his mom puts in front of him and is at seven months weighs just less than twenty-four pounds.

Folks, this little family just makes me happier than anything. They may not be clad in Gucci and driving a Mercedes but they are oh, so happy.

We should all wish to be so lucky.

Bubbling with berries,



  1. Awww, I am afraid that when I start having kids I won't stop. I like animals and kids more than anything. I love taking care of others! He put a smile on my face. xo

  2. Somehow that doesn't surprise me about you. You'll be a fabulous (and stylish) mom!