Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Mid-January Resolutions (Because I Never Follow the Crowd)

Right now I allow myself to be dominated by a fire that stole my belongings, and what I thought was my life.

As you can imagine, it really only stole what I let it (in a philosophical sense of course, I had no choice in the flame-licking fun).

And so, it is necessary that I declare death on the past, for it really is dead (or crispy, if you will).

I need to be focussed on the now and the "what will be", because allowing death to dominate does nothing but kill my knowledge.

"Knowledge is thirst" and I think I need a cocktail. A really, really big cocktail; I deserve it.

So please, my friends, join me on my journey from scared to striking.

This journey begins with two resolutions ('tis the season):
-> My nails (fingers and feet) will remain polished and pristine
-> My story, titled "Blown Apart", will be finished, and I will finally let go.

To start my life as a fresh faced wonder, I plan on purchasing some fabulous foundation (aka makeup). Nothing too heavy, and nothing to light - I need something just right.

Any suggestions ladies and gents?

Facing my freedom,



  1. Ha! This year I want to keep my fingers and toes polished too. So far, though, I am slacking.

  2. For foundation I suggest Smashbox. It's my staple. That and eyeliner. Check out their 'Camera-Ready Full Coverage' Foundation. Comes in like 5 shades, which I appreciate because my skin fluctuates from ivory to tan easily.

  3. Thank you!! I'll be searching for your suggestion this weekend!