Thursday, January 6, 2011

Squirrely About School

Good evening my lovelies!

I have wonderful news: my Mac is home! I was lost without it, but now, I am found - I hope (if not, I am in for a world of hurt).

In the meantime I am getting ready for school to start on Monday.

Right now I am four parts excitement and three parts nervousness. Sleep is alluding me even now, so I will be a walking zombie for the first month.

Any suggestions on switching my sleep schedule around?

Sleeping while I can,



  1. I have a suggestion that involves wine. DO you like wine? It makes my suggestion so much more relevant.

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    ♥ Jenn

  2. That I do! We should make another date!


  3. Woohoo for school!! Are you nervous tonight?! I bet you're nervous. Did you pick out your first day of school clothes? Those are important. And do you have fresh school supplies? Oh my god. Office supplies, now I'm jealous.

    My only sleep schedule switching techniques include a bunch of sleeping pills and I probably shouldn't recommend those sorts of things.