Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Day to Remember

Ladies and gentlemen,

Lest we forget.

Today is a day to remember, remember what so many have sacrificed to ensure we could enjoy the ultimate comfort, our freedom.

I am not going to prattle on about my experiences and relations with war or the veterans that fought in them. I am not because we as a generation have no understanding of war. We have no understanding of true hardship and absolute sacrifice. We have only the stories our veterans relay, the knowledge that humans are capable of horrible things.

We are not victims. We are not, because they protected us.

So today, please wear your poppy with pride. Please remember that today has nothing to do with us, but it has everything to do with passing on the invaluable message of our aging generation. Today is about their message and having the ability to tell it.

Lest we forget.




  1. about to head out to the ceremony right now...

  2. I was at the National Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa today. I consider myself very lucky that we were given the oppurtunity to attend it this year. There are no longer any living veterans from WWI and those form WWII are getting up their in age. We need to remember them and pass on their stories. We need to remember all who sacrificed in the name of freedom including those sacrificing today in Afghanistan.

    I think the weirdest moment for us today though was when an old man stopped us and thanked Tobei as Tobei like all CF members was in his uniform.

    The Veterans of the World Wars want nothing more than to know we will carry on the respect, the remembering and fighting for what they fought for should we need to.