Monday, November 8, 2010

Music Monday: Yolanda Be Cool (I Assure You This Is)

Good morning my friends!

Just in case the extra hour of sleep didn't make you smile enough, I've got a special double feature for you.

This video was sent to me by the oh so lovely My Girl Thursday. This lovely lady really is a dame, and completely witty. She's far from normal and that alone is worth a look; we appreciate anything out of the box over here.

There is no room for normal.

According to this doll, this video has been viral for awhile now (I'm always late) but just in case, I thought it was worth a look.

The song is catchy, and I believe the first pop song featured on Music Monday.

Released on an Australian label earlier this year, the track samples a 1956 song "Tu duo fa l'americano", written by Renato Carosone and Nicola "Nisa" Salerno. This Neapolitan language hit was one of Renato's most famous songs and was recently remade by our featured artist.

Have a jump and jive to "We Speak No Americano", remade by Yolanda Be Cool.

Isn't that impressive? The hand-eye coordination and memory required is just mind boggling; not to mention the straight faces, I think I'd burst! Unlike the song, their routine omits any kind of chorus in movement and they look so much alike they could be twins (I really hope they are).

The pair isn't bad looking either. He can feed me grapes (or whatever), whenever he wants. The Newf has a similar opinion of the hand-dancing miss. All is fair. . .

Anyways, I digress. Keep in mind that this is not the track's official video but just a feat of finger field events. Hopefully that extra hour of sleep has me as ready and rearing to go as their hot hands.

Did you enjoy your extra hour of sleep this weekend? Was it put to good use or completely squandered? What did you do to celebrate?

Have a fabulous week!

Dancing with my digits,


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