Monday, November 1, 2010

Music Monday: Cooper is Creepy

Good morning, my ghosts and goblins! I hope you had a horrifying weekend.

Seeing as we only recently had our socks rocked off, it seemed only fitting that we enjoy a scary tune to jump-start our week.

This week was exciting; I wanted to avoid the obvious choices and yet find something really soul wrenching.

I turned to creepy Alice Cooper, because this guy always gets the job done. Mr. Cooper has been around forever. We still have some vinyl kicking around from my Mom's dangerous days; she is still dangerous, but maternal at the same time. Think Mrs. Adams, but in colour (and pearls).

The interesting thing about this song is it was actually released in 2003, on Cooper's "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" record. The album actually had four different cover art versions; the only difference being the colour in Mr. Cooper's eyes. You can choose from blue, green, purple and red.

How thoughtful, you can match your album to your decor.

While you are choosing colours, please enjoy Alice Cooper's "This House is Haunted".

Please note the video above is not affiliated with Mr. Cooper, but was created by highwayrobberyrocker. The pictures are certainly interesting, but don't let the imagery overpower the poetry. Isn't this song darkly romantic?.

It creeps me right out. I can't help but think, that, maybe this is how you feel after your companion, the love of your life, passes.


What Cooper colour would you choose?

Don't kid yourself into thinking this is it for the creepy crawlies. You may deck your halls next (or nosh on turkey for my American friends) but the ghosts will be close behind. The Christmas ghosts are the worst; who wants to focus on the past or present? Even worse, who wants to talk about the future?

Where does that leave us? Running; running from time, life and possibly turkeys.

I hope you've got some speed.

Giddy about ghosts,



  1. I picked the red eyes!

    I saw Cooper on that tour in Peterborough back in second year. I have an Alice Cooper teddy bear somewhere in this house.

  2. OMG, an Alice Cooper teddy bear??!? That is UBER cool!

    Of course you would have something like that.