Monday, November 22, 2010

Music Monday: We're Mad About Madcon

Good morning my misfits,

It's a Mondo Monday around here! To enjoy the mega star shining on my week so far, I have my ultimately favourite song of the year lined up to break this week open.

I could tell you these beats became the big number uno in Norway, blasting away the charts in France, the Netherlands, the UK and Germany, but who needs statistics? We have pure proof to jive to today, my turkeys.

This remix has been completely re-recorded: the instrumentals were performed by 3Elementz and the vocals are completely Madcon.

If you are completely down and out, this puppy will perk you up. If you are already basking in blissfulness this tidbit will allow you to ride that high.

To start your week, I m tabling "Beggin" by Madcon:

So, the question is: what kind of controller would they find in your hands?

Personally, I'm an original Nintendo type girl.

Rocking out to remixes,


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