Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Apple of my Storm

Darling readers,

Tonight I sit and wait. Tonight, the snow is coming.

For days the weatherman has promised the snowstorm of the year - high winds, lots of snow and even "thunder snow" (if you imagined snow and thunder, you'd be right). Services and schools have been cancelled in advance, and the sheep of the city have been bustling about collecting supplies and fretting about the frost.

Friends, I am not concerned. It is just a little bit of snow - this is what we Canadians are built for.

I am old enough to remember the Ice Storm of '98. I am old enough to remember when losing power was a problem and we had a kitchen full of neighbours huddling around our gas stove. Finally, I am old enough to remember my father filling up every pot and container we had with water, lest we really get snowed in.

Those were the best snow storms.

Tomorrow, instead of cursing the commute, think of those who call the street home. Think of those who are really braving the cold. Consider what we can do to help.

But tonight, when you are happy at home, enjoy the moment.

I know that with a Newfoundland man to my left, a Newfoundland dog to my right, and the Environment Canada radar onscreen, I'll be just fine.

My lights are off, but we are all home. We are the freaks who fret about a lack of snow.

Hoping for some havoc,



  1. Snow storms can be so much fun! Especially when you are bundled inside with loved ones ;)

  2. Enjoy your snow day!

    I checked out that website. Cool! Can I find the articles under your name?