Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Monday: Looking for Mr. Jagger

Good afternoon, my radical readers!

Today is a wonderful day, here in Ontario, it is Family Day. Created by our cracked out Conservative government (yep, I've put my political mindset out there) it is actually something I can agree with.

As I have no children, only a dog that sleeps until noon, the Newf and I have enjoyed a wonderful day spent in bed. As of right now, it is just after noon and we have just polished off our Tim Hortons breakfast sandwiches.

Not one to exclude, we made sure the Beast got a sandwich too.

We go all out in Linnie Land.

Speaking of family, I got an earful from my mother. It seems she noticed I haven't posted anything in the last week and she was not impressed.

Mom, I am sorry. I promise to keep your Kindle kicking this week.

This brings me to our anticipated video to kick off your Monday. I have my favourite Rolling Stones video. I have had a school girl crush on Mick Jagger since I heard this song, and once I saw him in concert that crush turned into pure unadulterated passion.

Mick, if you are out there, I love you. The Newf knows, it's okay; we don't have to hide anymore. Margaret Trudeau, eat your heart out.

So, here is the song that sealed my sentiment, please enjoy The Rolling Stones and their tune "Anybody Seen My Baby":

So, now that you've seen the video, let me confirm that yes, that was Angelina Jolie, and yes, I am poking a little bit of fun at the aforementioned earful delivered by my Mother.

The benefit being, that she reads the blog on her Kindle and she won't get the music video. Mom, don't believe the rumours. You and I both know that I take everything you say with the utmost seriousness, especially since the Great Spanking Debacle of '94.

Are you celebrating Family Day? Is everyday family day? Have you ever been spanked?

With a mind full of Mick,



  1. I lived in Ontario when I was a kid, in Toronto and Brampton. I don't remember there ever being a Family Day, but when I moved to Calgary, I remember it being a big deal that we had a new holiday. Is Family Day a relatively new holiday in Ontario, or was I just not an observant kid?

  2. Not to worry, your observation skills are intact.

    It's a new holiday! =]

  3. i will gladly celebrate family day! it was nice. just an extra day together, whatever politics may have been behind it pleasantly ignored.

    (but speaking of politics, i'm pretty sure mcguinty is liberal. unless i misunderstood what you meant... entirely possible. i try not to dabble in politics, or typing too much at the end of a long day. and here i am, doing both ;))

    glad you enjoyed your day off!

  4. My goodness you are completely correct! How embarrassing!

    I blame Harper! =P

    Glad you enjoyed your day! =]