Thursday, February 10, 2011


Do you like chairs? Are you a chair connoisseur? Perhaps a professional potato?

Well, either way, feast your sit savvy eyes on this baby, the Eames lounge chair.

My keister is already quivering. In fact, I've already purchased my (winning) lottery ticket, with high hopes of purchasing this feat of fancy.

It would look smashing in my darkened living room, surrounded by books and a massive picture window. My liquor cabinet wouldn't be far off either.

This chair is one of thousands of items (this is the Newf's favourite) that you can find within the CSN Online Stores.

Seriously, they have over 200 stores that you can shop in your skivvies. Hello, utter bliss.

The best part? You could win $40 to spend at ANY one of their online stores!

That's right, the lovely people over at CSN have provided me with $40 to give to one of you, my even lovelier loyal readers.

I've looked through the stores, and I already have a long list of loot I want. Even better, I've found some stuff I already have, and can say it is worth the purchase price (like this bad boy - my Newfoundland hasn't managed to ruin it yet).

So, I know you are asking "How do I win?" It's no secret that I like to gamble, so, do you fancy a little game?

I am going to pick a number between 0 and 1000. You have to guess what that number is. We run with the "Price is Right" rules over here, that means: the closest person without going over gets the prize. In the event two people have chosen the same number, the first one to choose the winner will be named the winner. No ties.

To submit a numbered guess, you must:
1.) Follow me. It's almost Valentine's Day, and I could use some love.
2.) Find & friend me on Facebook.
3.) You could Tweet your little heart out - include a link to this post (and please "@" me, so I can double check your entry).
4.) And finally, you could drop me an email or comment to tell me what your favourite post was, what your least favourite post was, or what you'd like to see more of.

With every guess, leave a comment below or shoot me an email. Don't forget to include your number!

This contest closes Saturday, February 19, 2011. The winner will be announced Monday, February 21, 2011.

Giddy about my (first!) giveaway,


This is open to Canadian and US readers. To my Canuck friends, keep in mind there will be additional shipping charges (the duties are INCLUDED)! Consider it a tax for being awesome. None of my (Linnie's) immediate family members are able to enter - this includes Newf, the Beast, the Parentals, Grandma (the live one) and Dumpster Dog. The rest of my family either does not read my blog or does not receive preferential treatment (proof available). The number chosen by me will be photographed with a time stamp to allow my readers to rest assured there is no funny business. Oh, and I am awesome.


  1. I follow on gfc

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  2. I like your posts about music -- it introduces me to new things.

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  3. I follow with GFC, and since I don't see any other guesses here, I'll guess low: my guess is 27!