Monday, February 21, 2011

The End of the Giveaway: Results

It is time to announce the winner of the first giveaway at Linnie gets Laced!

First, the giveaway and a small recap on the rules. I encouraged a little bit of a gamble (naughty, I know). The goal was to guess the number I had in my little head. If you couldn't guess the exact number, you wanted to be the closest.

I invoked the "Price is Right" rules, meaning you you had to be the closest without going over (and that you were gently reminded to have your pets spayed and neutered).

Here is the number I chose, with my photo evidence as promised:

That would make the winner the lovely Liz, with a guess of 27! Liz, shoot me an email to collect your $40 gift certificate to the CSN stores!

Congrats Liz!

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