Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Freaking Friday: And This is a (Creative) School Thing

Good afternoon dudes and dudettes!

This is actually a quick post for a school project, but, feel free to follow along.

If you are a massive fan of "Where's Waldo" this may be your cup of tea. Or it might not, we will find out.

That being said, today I have to submit an example of "The Databased Image". There have been some pretty neat examples floating around, check out the work of
Chris Jordan for some really freaky examples.

Let's just say I'm taking a different approach. I don't have any dead dodos lying around so I thought I'd provide a little example of my online database. Think of it as a scavenger hunt without a prize.

THE GOAL: You want to find this picture:


It is located *somewhere* in the bowels of this blog.

THE HINT: Because (I assume) my classmates are not frequent fliers here at Linnie gets Laced I assume you don't know the handles of the blogging world, or my blogging world, for that matter.

The boy in the picture is known as "The Newf". Yes, he's my Newfoundland lovah, and yes, he makes a mean plate of fish and chips.

The dog in my picture is known in these parts as "The Beast", mostly because, well, he is a giant beast.

You can locate the picture using a couple of different methods. Check out the post information bar below, and the sidebar for some locating love.

It's an IQ test, and the timer starts NOW! Good luck!

Looking for a likeness,



  1. Do I win?

  2. PS. Totally made easy with the picture text when you mouse over it.

  3. Awesome concept! Wow, looks like you got a winner already ;)

  4. Yes, you win! YOU ALL WIN.

    But only because you are awesome.

  5. super cute boy & beast!
    & now i want fish & chips!