Monday, August 9, 2010

Famous and Fruity: Here's to You Mom

Okay, so I may not be the most experienced photographer around but look at me go! I am trying to learn and any constructive criticism, references and the like are welcome!

Now, time for the fruit and flash photography of it all.

This one is a shout-out to the Parentals who have left me for Sint Maarten. That is correct folk, my whacked out grey-haired edition live on their big 'ol boat and sail it to fabulous places.

I, on the other hand, am hard at work doing very important things (let me get back to you). I am also waiting for it to snow.

I digress my darlings (something must have tainted my beverage), the point is that the other day my mother gave me quite the stripping regarding my fruit consumption. I refused to eat her fruit salad, opting instead for ice cream (big mistake). She said I am too picky, I say I am not picky but prefer vegetables to fruit.  I do not pick and choose, I am not a fruit-i-est, I just do not like fruit.

Well, being a mother she had to tell me why I was wrong and what I should be eating instead (her fruit).

Well, Mother, you will be proud! Feast your eyes on my fruity feed:

There are some strawberries, raspberries and champagne grapes!  

The Newf and I were too bored to cook, so fruit it was.  Maybe we added a little gin with that Limonata San Pellegrino but it sure was delicious and I sure am in a good mood.

You know what, Mother?  I just may eat fruit (and gin) more often.  Maybe, just maybe.

Your vegetable lover,

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