Thursday, August 19, 2010

Traditional Thursday: Let's get Down to Business

Happy Thursday to you, my darlings!

I have always felt Thursdays needed a little love and something different than routine.  Thursday, in my mind, is like the last minute of regulation time with Friday acting as overtime.  Nothing actually gets done on Friday unless it absolutely has to, or unless by some stroke of genius (or luck) things fall into place and you cannot help yourself in putting that puzzle together.

Well, my friends, Thursday has a better use than acting as Friday's understudy.  Thursday is that final day of routine and tradition.  Let us make our Thursdays together a quick minute of tradition with which to prepare for the roaring party which about to begin on Friday.  Even if your weekend plans consist of nothing but some greasy take-out, sweats and the most comfortable couch in the world, those plans deserve a tad of class.

Let us reinforce and encourage the need for sophistication on Thursdays.  Let us enjoy a "Traditional Thursday" every week.

This week I will begin with a quick and easy discussion of etiquette and manners.  Now please, do not let these words terrify you.  Do not let visions of Cruella-esque women draped in furs or thoughts of an awkwardly proper and suitably depressing, politician (a number come to mind) crowd your mind.  Please do not fear giving up your pleasant personality, for etiquette and manners are none of the above.

Etiquette is simply the customary code that people in polite society are expected to follow.  This means that etiquette can, and does, change wildly depending on whose company you are sharing.  

Manners are the actual interactions in which you get to show off your etiquette.  

Now folks, you don't need cash or a wad of bills to to be well-behaved.  You don't need a ton of bling or a sugar daddy to boost your behaviour.  Proper etiquette does not equal money.  Proper people have two concerns: ensuring those within their company are comfortable and ensuring that they, themselves are presented in a complimentary manner.  This kind of endeavour requires nothing more than personal class and a charming temperament.

There is a group of silly people who will wander around, spouting sentences about their better behaviour and making it seem as if they are polite, proper and just so much better than you.  They will point out their assumed points of refinements and brag about having brand names and things like "P. Diddy" scribed across their chest.  Well, do not listen to these ridiculous statements.  There is nothing more improper than blowing your own horn and making others feel poorly about themselves.  In fact, this is exactly the opposite of a well-behaved individual.

To those who take part in public self-gratification, I thumb my nose at you.  Take that, boys and girls.

There are no excuses here boys and girls.  You either are or you aren't.  The good news, is that you get to decide what side of the line you stand on.

As we enter into the weekend and you begin entertaining and socializing keep in mind those around you.  Are you in a funky mood?  Could you provide someone a friendly compliment or kind word?  Is there someone you could provide a chair too?

Think my friends, then act.  If you build this habit you will be remembered, remembered and full of class.

Fine and fabulous,


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