Monday, August 2, 2010

Music Monday: Elton John and his Tantrums

Up here in Canada we are enjoying a long weekend, so I went with something a little light, and oh so fitting for the first Music Monday back at the helm.  The feathers and minor strip tease (view the video below) totally make this track worth your time. 

Elton John is a total showman (married to a Canadian boy!) and infamous not only for his music, but his divalicious tantrums.  Not surprising, I suppose, from a man who brought bug-eyed glasses, sparkly things and feathers into style in a BIG way.

His fits are renown to the point that Sir Elton's partner, David Furnish, released a film chronicling Elton John and his life in RAW format.  Heh, what a pun.  Tantrums and Tiaras in 1997, is worth a watch, I plan to watch it tonight wearing pyjamas and pearls.

As a result of this film, it is difficult to locate information detailing any one of his fits.  Whether by happenstance or intent, if you Google "Elton John tantrum" or any mix of similar words you get a long list of links leading you to the movie.  Simply brilliant  Elton - admit your fault, create an award winning film about it, hiding any written (and uncontrolled) evidence of the aforementioned fault.

Well, the song to be played for you today come to fruition solely because of these tantrums.  Bernie Taupin, a long-time writer of Elton John's, was discussing his Caribou album when Sir Elton threw one of his legendary tantrums.  Taupin's wife (at the time) then claimed "The bitch is back" spurring the lyric for the chart topping hit.

The song, was of course, banned from several radio stations due to the word "bitch".  It was 1974 after all. 

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Elton John and "The Bitch is Back", which can be found on his 1974 album Caribou.

Have any of your successes come from something completely random?

Enjoy your week!

Musically yours,


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