Thursday, August 26, 2010

Traditional Thursday: All About Brides and Babies

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

How has your week been?  Have you romped and roamed and made your way back to the weekend?  I certainly hope so.

I have been back from my Newfoundland vacation for two days, and my readers, I need a break.  Silly, I know, but c'est la vie.

As I sit here, listening to Mr. Jimi Hendrix (one of my best blue mood friends, who can keep from making "fox" ears and grins?) I think it best to keep things light and simple.  

One of the very first rules of society my lovely mother taught me was the rule of no exception.  Normally there is an exception to every rule and I am usually the one to find just that abberation.  However, this is not the case today.

All babies and all brides are beautiful.

Yes, you heard me.  It is a law and how I do wish the government would put it into writing.  Regardless of the situation, mood or actual visual appearance, every single bride and baby I have ever laid eyes on is beautiful.  They may not be cute or sassy, sexy or smart, but they are all beautiful.  If I hear you say otherwise I will personally cuff and collar you.

I know, I know, there are some babies with giant misshapen heads (forceps anyone) and some brides channel too much Miss Piggy (on glue and sequins) but these creatures are all beautiful.

This law serves two purposes:
1.) This way everyone is beautiful at some point in their lives; and
2.) It prevents you from ever hesitating at gasping, "Oh goodness he/she is just beautiful!" when presented with a baby or a bride.

This may seem callous or odd, you may never have laid eyes on a bride or baby you considered anything but beautiful.  Unfortunately it should be known that not everyone is away of this rule.  Some have fallen to their social death by refraining from admitting a baby or bride's beauty.  Even worse are those who feel the need to state their opinion.  
These people, obviously, were unaware of the rule which renders their opinion moot.

Being a baby or a bride is not an easy task.  Folks, these creatures are under stress from poking and prodding and diaper changes.  They deserve a little bit of love and a little bit of beauty.

Bound and battered,


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