Saturday, August 28, 2010

Piglets and Tiaras


I have some fabulous news, I get the Beast back tomorrow!  He was staying at my brother and sister's while we were in Newfoundland and this weekend we get him back!

He is 120 pounds (and growing) of black fur and he tends to follow me around everywhere I go.  The Beast is fabulous company (in his mind I am always right) and I have missed him.

These last few days I have settled for the company of Napoleon, the Newf's pet guinea pig.  Normally I would give him a false name, as I do with everyone in my blog but this pig can take you down.  He's gruff, tough and a distant descendant of the The Killer Rabbit, whose fluffiness belies its murderous intent.  You may remember the infamous rabbit from the humorous flick, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  If you have not already watched this classic you must, I highly recommend it.

But I digress.  The Newf rescued the runt because he was suffering at the hand of all the other pigs.  They were beating him up.  His first day home the little guy was covered in scars, scabs and skinny as anything.

In true Napoleon style, this pig has exploded and taken over every morsel of food he possibly could.  Napoleon has also grown a fondness for the Newf which the boy could not be prouder of.  

Notice the double chin.

He gets rather feisty and despises having his nails clipped.  Having a number of pounds on the little guy I do have to force it on him.  The Newf usually leaves the room as he cannot bear to see someone force unpleasantness on his piggy friend (despite the fact his nails could pass as misshapen claws).  I assure you, the deed was done directly after this picture.

Napoleon loves his luxuries.  Grapes and apples are his favourite.  He's drunk on berries, if you will.

Eating, eating and more eating.

As you can see, the tiny pig the Newf originally brought home is no longer.  We are left with a loud, proud squeaking machine.  He is a rotund little fella and despite his size he makes his presence known (especially when the refrigerator is opened).

RANDOM FARM FACT: Guinea pigs are often used to keep barn rats at bay.  Their squeak is very similar to that of a big, Babe-like pig.  Rats are terrified of big pigs because big pigs have a tendency to stamp rats out.  Contrary to popular belief (and multiple children's movies) pigs have a nasty temper when it comes to things like blood and rats.  

So, to anyone who is feeling down in the dumps: if Napoleon can do it, you can too.

Have a great weekend!

Pig loving and pretty,


  1. Mine go crazy when I open the fridge! I love Napoleon's color =) It is almost the same as my hair color, haha. I have to fight all my pigs when I clip their nails. It is quite the task! x

  2. Haha, you are a matching pair!

    You have an amazing pack of pigs! Everyone should check them out at!