Monday, August 30, 2010

Music Monday: Right Here, Right Now

Good morning readers!

It is time for another Music Monday and I could not need it more.  Today, I do battle of the worst kind; today I battle a bureaucracy.  

Whenever one does battle it is important to be prepared.  Musical beats are invaluable in this regard.  They ramp you up, provide encouragement and improve your mood while you ready to lay the smack-down, open a can of whoop ass, or whatever it is you need to do.

If you *gasp* lose, you can come home and turn that frown upside down.  That phrase itself is sickening enough so let us not think about that angle.  

This week, we are going to win.  I have decided and sometimes the decision is all it takes.  Despite my current cold, my anxiety and visiting Dumpster Dog, let's kick off a Boosterish Badass Week and just rock it.

I'll need your help, but rock it we shall.

The song I have chosen for today not only gets the blood flowing but has an amazing video to accompany it.  This video condenses the process of evolution into three and a half minutes (it's better than Cole's notes people).

Without further ado, I present "Right Here, Right Now" by the fabulous Fatboy Slim.

Note that the boy's t-shirt read, "I'm #1 So Why Try Harder".  That's right kiddos, we are on the top of this pile so let's shake this boat.  

If you like this video, keep your eyes open for another to follow in the near future.  

How do you prepare yourselves for a nervous day?  Do you have any tricks to de-stress and calm your nerves?

Wishing you well in the week to come - remember we are almost into long weekend territory!

Beaten down but ready to beat,



  1. Hello hello!

    Thanks so much for your comment :D The nail polish is called 'cantaloupe' and it is by Essie. It does not look like a cantaloupe at all, so, that's funny, but I think it's a really nice pink shade for fall. I also really like a color they have called 'eternal optimist', I wear that one most often :D

  2. Why thank you for that info!

    I will have to check them out! =]