Monday, August 9, 2010

Music Monday: Dirty, Dirty Vegas

Good morning my darlings!

A new week is upon us and I have chosen a get-your-body-moving type of video to get that blood rushing around.  If you have not seen this video yet, you simply must see it.  This, perhaps, is the sole reason for my posting this work.

It has been an all time favourite of mine for years and years (as far back as 2001 if you can imagine)!

Not much history to this puppy but the music world considers all that popping, locking and breakdancing a little, "outre", as the French would say.  The oddest thing about this bad boy is the use of two dancers to portray one character.  

I just like the way it makes me tingle.  I can't help it.

There are actually two versions of this video: the first which I have included today and the second which includes a Mitsubishi Eclipse (you may recognize this track from their 2003 commercial).  In the second version the original bystanders are replaced with the arrival of the Eclipse at a stoplight.

Normally I am against editing video once it has been released (Star Wars??!?) but who can argue with a HOT car?

I bet you would look hot in that car.  You know you would - sleek, smooth and oh so fast.

As you are dressing this morning dance around and imagine your love (Bieber NOT included) dancing outside a sandwich joint, awaiting your return.  Oooooh baby, the Newf loves pastrami.

My dears, please enjoy Dirty Vegas and their fabulous, smutty song "Days Go By"

It is certainly shaping up to be a good week.  I hope you agree.

Dirty and digging it,



  1. I really like your blog. I read through it pretty quickly because my dinner is almost ready. I will come back though because I love your writing and your dog! xo

  2. Thank you! =]

    I cannot get enough of your blog - it is just fabulous! You are so chic!

  3. I have not seen that video in years... enjoyed it then... enjoyed it again